What is Orthokeratology?

Orthokeratology which is also known as ortho-K is the treatment of corneal re-shaping from overnight vision correction. A select few opticians now offer this service which is to use a specially designed rigid gas permeable (RGP) hard contact … [Continue reading]

What is the Chinese New Year?

We've all heard of Chinese New Year but do you know why they celebrate at a different time to the rest of the world? It all started back in the ancient times. The Chinese months are followed by the lunar calendar - this means each month will … [Continue reading]

Who was St Valentine?

St Valentine was a Roman Bishop whom it is believed betrayed the orders of Emperor Claudius in 270 AD by continuing to conduct illegimate wedding ceremonies between persecuted Christian solidiers which the Emperor had forbidden during times of … [Continue reading]

What is Santes Dwynwen – St Dwynwens Day?

St Dwynwen was the welsh patron saint of lovers, making her Wales' equivalent to St Valentine. The name Dwynwen translates to "she who leads a blessed life". Santes Dwynwen/St Dwynwen's Day is held on the 25th January and has enjoyed increased … [Continue reading]

What creature had 32 toes?

The first four legged animal known to humans was the Acanthostega, which had eight toes to each foot of it's four feet! It would use its toes to grip the plants in the water as it swam, although the Acanthostega spent the majority of its time in … [Continue reading]

What are Bilboes?

Bilboes were long iron bars which were attached to prisoners legs to stretch them apart and making it impossible for them to run away and escape. Because they had a sliding shackle it made it almost impossible for the prisoner to stand not alone … [Continue reading]

Who were the Sullivan Brothers?

They were five brothers from America who enlisted in the US Navy back in January 1942 to avenge a friends death during the battle in Pearl Harbour. On their enlistment they stipulated that they wanted to serve together upon the same ship and … [Continue reading]

What is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday is considered to be a marketing ploy for online retailers to get shoppers to buy items at generously discounted prices all through the day. This is a follow on from the 'Black Friday' deals but with the added benefit of not getting … [Continue reading]

What is Black Friday?

Amazon Black Friday Deals

Black Friday is the biggest shopping bonanza to be held in the run up to Christmas when retailers offer huge discounts and deals to enable customers to kick start their Christmas shopping. It occurs on the Friday following America’s “Thanksgiving … [Continue reading]

FIFA World Cup Facts

The FIFA World Cup is the largest worldwide football tournament in existence celebrating what many people call the 'beautiful game'. Did you know that the very first World Cup event took place on 13th July 1930! Here are some interesting and … [Continue reading]

Are British Bats protected by Law?

Yes, all British bats and the places they roost are protected by law. Because trees and woodlands are cut down to aid the development of homes and roads, the bats food supply and shelters diminish, so there are fewer bats in existence. The law … [Continue reading]

What is a Noctule?

A noctule is one of the largest British bats in existence. These are the bats that you will see flying in straight lines during the early evening, just as it begins to darken. The Noctule bat is approximately the same size as a starling and … [Continue reading]

The Top Ten Wordwide Destinations

With overseas travel increasing every year, the top ten destinations worldwide for travellers in 2013 are as follows… Havana in Cuba La Fortuna de San Carlos in Costa Rica Kathmandu in Nepal Jerusalem in Israel Cusco in Peru Amberis … [Continue reading]

What is Plasma screen technology?

Plasma technology is different from that used in other display systems in that red, blue and green light is created in every pixel, reducing space. Charged electrodes between glass panels cause tiny pockets of inert gas to change the state of the … [Continue reading]

What Chemical Elements are in the Human Body?

Everyone's body is put together using 25 different raw ingredients called Elements. Although the human body is mainly made up of water, the cells consist of between 65 and 90% water by weight, there are other elements involved like Oxygen, … [Continue reading]

What are Galaxy Shapes?

Scattered across the Universe are billions of galaxies which each contain millions of stars.  They come in many different shapes and sizes such as:- A Spiral galaxy is a spinning galaxy with long curved arms, which has young stars, pink nebulas … [Continue reading]

What do the Supercells in a Human Body do?

There are many super cells within our body's that concentrate on different areas, here's a breakdown... Bone Cells - Bones are made from a mixture of matrix which makes them strong, whilst other cells help them grow and fix themselves. The bone … [Continue reading]

Dinosaur Brains

When scientists wanted to discover how clever a dinosaur was  they would compare the size of it's brain to its body size. They figured that if the dinosaur had a small brain in comparison to a large body the creature was probably less intelligent … [Continue reading]

What is an Asteroid?

An asteroid is a rocky object that orbits the sun. Every so often one crashes through and lands on Earth. Most of these asteroids are very small but the one thought to have hit Earth 65 million years ago was huge and made a crater form of 112 … [Continue reading]

What is Zircon?

Zircon is the oldest known mineral crystal which belongs to the group of nesosilicates. They have been found in some igneous rocks which scientist believe date back 4.4 billion years ago. Its chemical name is zirconium silicate. … [Continue reading]

What was the earliest form of writing?

The earliest form of writing did not use letters, but Pictograms, meaning that each picture represented a single word or sound. The earliest known writings are from Ancient Egypt and are known as hieroglyphics.  These pictograms have been traced … [Continue reading]

What is the Rim of Fire?

The "Rim of Fire" lies around the rim of the Pacific Ocean. There are a number of crustal plates that meet in this area, which results in frequent volcanic and earthquake activity. There are 452 known volcanoes in this ring and 80 per cent of … [Continue reading]

Who was the first woman to find a Fossil?

The first female to find a fossil was a young girl named Mary Anning.  She was born in 1799 in Lyme Regis, West Dorset.  Mary's family were very poor so her father taught her how to find and clean fossils in order to sell them. When Mary was 12 … [Continue reading]

Cold Sore Facts

Many people suffer from Cold Sores and there are many myths about what they are and where they come from, but here are some real facts. Cold sores or herpes simplex as they are known medically can be found on the lips or faces of humans. Cold … [Continue reading]