Most Popular Boys Names in 2015

One of the biggest decisions a new parent has to make is choosing their newborn baby’s name. Parents are sometimes influenced by TV, film actors or pop stars to make their name choices and this is usually reflected in the popularity listings.

So whether you go down the road of popular names or decide on a traditional name, opinions vary from year to year.

Back in 2015 some of the most popular boys names were William, George and Harry which are quite traditional names that have seen a revival. Were new parents influenced by these names due to the British Royal family Princes – maybe?

However, names like Alfie, Oscar and Logan have also become more popular and made the top 20 list in 2015 as the more trend setting names of 2015.

Oliver has held the top spot for boys names in 2013 and is still holding on in 2015. The largest increase in preferred names goes to Jaxon, jumping up from number 80 to number 35, whereby opinion polls show that Kian has shown the largest fall in popularity from number 44 down to number 98.

In 2015, 697,852 live births were registered within England and Wales, and among them 27,000 different boys names were registered, 52% of these registered boys names were listed in the top 100 most popular list.