What is Hybrid Engine Technology?

Hybrid Engine TechnologyA Hybrid is the combination of two or more things and in the case of engine technology it means two sources of power, an electric motor and a petrol engine.

Hybrid cars seamlessly switch between the two sources to ensure you always get the best from your vehicle.

Hybrid Technology doesn’t take up any boot space and you don’t have to ‘plug in’ a conventional hybrid, just drive as you would normally, saying that there’s a lot going on behind the scenes which is explained as follows :-

Pulling Away from a Standstill – As you start driving under normal acceleration, the electric motor uses batteries to power the car.  This continues up to around 15mph, making your Hybrid extremely economical on short journeys and stop/start urban driving.

Motorway Driving – A Hybrid has a fully automatic system in place and will determine which mix of electric motor and petrol engine power is best used.  At higher speeds like on the motorway, petrol power is used.

During Heavy Acceleration – To optimise performance under hard acceleration, as you would when overtaking, a combination of both battery and petrol will be used so your Hybrid will have enough power to enable your manoeuvre.

When You Brake – The Hybrid system converts the energy that you use when braking into electricity which in turn recharges the car’s batteries.  Recycling energy in this way cuts fuel use and emissions.

When the Car is Stationary  – Most car engines waste fuel when they stop at red lights but a Hybrid doesn’t, therefore its saving fuel and reducing CO2.  When you start again the electric motor instantly comes to life and propels the car forward.

Due to all of these motoring benefits, more and more of today’s leading car manufacturers are producing cars that utilise Hybrid Engine Technology.