What is National Grandparents Day?

Just like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, this event was created as a way to thank paternal and maternal grandparents for all their love, care and support.

Grandparents’ Day was set up by Age Concern, the United Kingdom charity that helps old age people in this country.  The celebrations usually fall on the first Sunday in October and have done so annually since 2008.

National Grandparents Day
Image Credit: Askideas.com

Grandparents day was established in 1973 in America by a lady named Marian McQuade from West Virginia, who wanted to highlight the importance of senior citizens in the family.

Grandparents’ Day is celebrated at different times in different countries.  America celebrates in September whilst in Poland the day is celebrated in January and has done so since 1965!

There is a national Grandparents Day song which was written by Johnny Prill and it is simply called “A Song for Grandma and Grandpa” in 2004.