Amphibian Facts

Facts about AmphibiansAmphibians are creatures that can live on land and in water. and there are more than 6,000 different species in the world.

Most of them start their lives in water and even when they are fully grown they cannot live on land all their lives.

Amphibians such as toads, frogs and salamanders are born in water, where the eggs are laid.

These creatures that are spawned in water do not have limbs and look more like fish.  They breath through gills and have tails to help them swim.  As they grow so do their lungs and legs and this process is known as metamorphosis.

Most frogs live in and around water, but there are some that live only on land and on tree, where they extract moisture from the air to live on.

Frogs catch their live prey like flies and bugs by darting out their long sticky tongue.

A newt is a salamander that lives in water as an adult.   Salamanders are short legged and have long tails.

Some rainforest frogs are very poisonous, like the poison arrow frog which are brightly coloured.  The poison from them is traditionally used in the tips of a arrows and darts.