Facts about teeth

Teeth factsMost of us hate going to the dentist, so you’ll be glad to know that you don’t need to go anywhere near one to find some really interesting facts about teeth.

  • Did you know that an African elephant survives with just four teeth while an alligator has eighty!
  • Frogs have teeth but toads don’t.
  • Anteaters have no teeth or jaws, just a very sticky one foot long tongue to get their food.
  • Lemon sharks grow around 24,000 teeth per year, which is the equivalent of growing a new set every 2 weeks.
  • Porpoise teeth were once used as currency in the Pacific islands.
  • Biting another human with your own teeth in Louisiana, USA is classed as ‘simple assault’ but biting him with false teeth is ‘aggravated assault’.

Perhaps next time you visit your dentist you could tell him some of these facts, you never know, he/she might even tell you a fact or two about dentists.