Favourite Holiday Destinations

Sandy beach holidayAs Autumn and Winter draw near, some of us Brits look to the continent and further for some winter sunshine.

Do you want to follow the crowd or are you just curious to our favourite hotspots abroad?

Well here’s a rundown of the top 13 overseas destinations that are most popular with us – which we bet you didn’t know!

1 – Spain
2 – France
3 – USA
4 – Italy
5 – Portugal
6 – Greece
7 – Turkey
8 – Irish Republic
9 – Cyprus
10 – Netherlands
11 – Belgium
12 – Germany
13 – Caribbean

Over 12 million people go on holiday to Spain each year, with 4.8 million of them on package holidays. 7.5 million go to France-totalling more than all the other destinations on the list combined.

The Caribbean attracts 778,000 visitors from the UK. Many couples now venture abroad to get married, and the UK overseas wedding industry is worth a cool £1.7 billion.

So whether you want a family holiday, a romantic break or even celebrate your special day on a white sandy beach with the clear blue water lapping at your feet.

There are many destinations to choose from, it’s up to you if you want to follow the crowd or start a new Popular Holiday Destinations list! 

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