Prehistoric bird facts

There was a hunting bird known as the Titanis that could eat a horse.  It lived in South America and grew up to 3 metres in height, far bigger than the horse.   Titanis chased after its prey and tore it apart with its hooked beak.

The Argentavis bird was the size of a small plane.  Its wings measured up to 7 metres from tip to tip.  It was a kind of vulture that fed on dead animals.  The feathers of the Argentavis measured about 1.5 metres in length.

The first flying birds lived during the time of dinosaurs.  However, many of the birds that appeared after the dinosaurs died out, could not fly at all.

The Gastornis could run fast but not fly.  It had long powerful legs but was too big and heavy to fly, so would chase after his prey.  It would also hide itself in thick forests then leap out to attack animals as they passed by.

The largest flying animal at the time of the dinosaur was the flying reptile named Quetzalcoatlus.  Its wings measure 14 metres from tip to tip.  It’s believed to have been a little like a vulture by feeding and pecking at the bodies of dead animals.