St Davids Cathedral Facts

St David’s Cathedral is situated in St Davids, the smallest City in the United Kingdom, and is located in the county of Pembrokeshire in Wales.

This Cathedral began back in 1181. It is believed to be the fourth church built on this site which is reputed to be where St David himself founded a monastic settlement in the 6th century.

The magnificent ceilings, oak in the nave, paintings in the choir and Presbytery and the unusual sloping floor are said to be the most outstanding features of this building. The stall of the Quire of the Cathedral contain medieval misericords and the Chapter is unique in having the reigning Sovereign as a member.

The Cathedral has been a place for visiting pilgrimages for nearly fourteen centuries. In 1124, even Pope Calixtus II declared two pilgrimages to St Davids were equal to one to Rome, whilst three pilgrimages were equal to one to Jerusalem itself.

There is a Treasury were the Cathedral’s treasures such as croziers and rings from the medieval bishops, illuminated manuscripts, textiles and silver are all displayed.

As the cathedral is situated in Wales, it is referred to as Eglwys Gadeiriol Tyddewi in the Welsh language.