Top Baby Names for 2016 and 1017

It should be one of the easiest things for you to decide – your baby’s name!

But it is a minefield, especially as these days, so many names seem to be “made up” of either your favourite food, place name or just something so random, often silly enough to leave you flabbergasted and asking yourself WHY a parent would do that to their newborn.

tummy with names
Image Credit: BBC

However, this is a list of the most popular and traditional names given to children in England and Wales over the past 12-18 months according to the ONS – Office for National Statistics.

For girls the names in order of popularity are – Olivia, Amelia, Ella, Ava, Isla, Emily, Evie, Mia, Lily and Isabelle.

For the boys names are – Oliver, Jacob, Noah, Jack, Oscar, Harry, Charlie, Alfie, George and William.

It’s funny that the most popular girls and boys name, Olivia and Oliver (the male version of Olivia) derive from the same meaning, which is Elf Army. 

In fact, the names Olivia and Oliver are also very popular names for twins.