Where did pizza originate?

The earliest record shows that around 1000 B.C. the word pizziare, meaning “to pinch” or “to pluck” was first used and it is believed that the word referred to plucking the hot pie from the oven.

However, some experts think that pizza evolved from Egyptian flatbread, most agree that Italian pizza actually evolved from concepts introduced by the Etruscans to the north and the Greeks to the south.

Etruscans made a crude bread baked under heated stones.  Once cooked, it was flavoured with numerous toppings.  It served as both plate and utensil because it was used to sop up gravies or broth.  The idea of a flavoured bread eventually evolved into the Italian focaccia.

The Greeks used theis edible plate in a different manner than the Etruscans.  Instead of flavouring the bread after cooking, they baked flavourings directly on the bread, which became the main course.

The Romans took both concepts and created a number of similar dishes.  The idea spread throughout Italy and today there are hundreds of pizza variations from region to region.