Which was the first city to be twinned with a city abroad?

Coventry Cathedral and Ruins
Coventry Cathedral and Ruins

Believe it or not it was Coventry!

Coventry is a city and metropolitan borough in the county of West Midlands in England and it was twinned with Stalingrad (now Volgograd) during the Second World War.

It was not just the first twinning for a British city, but for any two cities across the world.

It came about when women from Coventry embroidered their names on a huge tablecloth and sent it to the women of Stalingrad – a city that was under-siege by the Germans.  From that start the two cities became twinned.

After the war, Coventry, a city which was devastated by German bombs, was twinned with Dresden, which had likewise been destroyed by the Allies, in an act of reconcilliation.