Elephant Facts

Elephant FactsEveryone loves the sweet sad face of the elephant, such a gentle giant, so here are some interesting facts about them that you may not know.

They are the largest living land animal and can weigh as much as a minibus around 90-120kg (200-265 lbs) and they live mainly in secluded places away from human beings.

A female elephant is fertile up to the age of approximately 55 years old, and the amount of offspring they have will depend on the amount of food available in the area and how they herd gets along.

An elephants diet consists of roots, bark, grass, leaves and fruit.  They have been known to uproot a tree just to reach the fruit.

Elephants have a very acute sense of hearing, which is little wonder with their big ears.  When they travel they move in single file and sometimes link the trunks to the tail of the elephant in front of them.

Elephants are very sensitive animals, for example, if a calf, (baby elephant) complains the whole herd gathers around to comfort and console it.

They use their tusks to carry heavy objects and to gather food whilst their trunk is used like a pipe, filling it with water and pouring it into their mouths or bathing themselves.