Facts about Honey Bees

Honey Bee Facts
Honey Bees
Bees play an important part in life as they take on the role of pollinating flower plants and producing honey.  

There can be as many as 80,000 honeybees in one hive all working together.

A honey bee’s body can be broken down as follows:

1. Proboscis is the long tub shaped mouthpiece which is used to collect the nectar from the flowers

2. The Pollen basket is attached to the legs to store pollen.  These are then carried back to the beehive where it is turned into food.

3. A bee’s sting is in its tail.

4. They have small eyes which are at the front of the face and can only tell light from dark.

Bees live in huge colonies which are ruled by the “Queen” bee.  She is the most important member of the hive as she lays eggs and leads her worker bees to new hives each summer. 

Only the Queen bee is allowed to drink the special bee’s milk called Royal Jelly, which makes her become fatter and stronger enabling her to survive longer. 

She also sprays a special chemical over the worker bees to prevent them from usurping her position.