Ohio State Flag Facts

Did you know that Ohio is the only US state without a rectangular flag, it is in fact a pennant shape.

The Ohio state flag is distinctive among American state flags because it is one of only a few that are circular in design. It is also one of only four state flags that feature a depiction of a sun.

The Ohio state flag features a circular design with a red background, and a blue triangle to the left that contains a representation of the state seal.

The state seal features a rising sun, a bundle of 17 arrows symbolizing Ohio’s admission as the 17th state, and a depiction of a sheaf of wheat, an oak branch, and a motto “With God, All Things Are Possible”.

The design of the Ohio state flag was officially adopted on May 9, 1902. The flag was designed by John Eisemann and reflects the state’s agricultural heritage, symbolized by the sheaf of wheat, as well as its military history, symbolized by the bundle of arrows.