Suchomimus Facts

SuchomimusThe Suchomimus is one of the lesser known dinosaurs of the Cretaceous period from around 110 million years ago.  It’s name means ‘Crocodile Mimic’.

They looked like a mixture of a T-Rex, a Spinosaurus and a crocodile, because of their long crocodile shaped snout and huge thumb claws.

Although the Suchomimus had well over 100 teeth, they weren’t very sharp so  their favourite food was fish which was easy for them to eat.  Sometimes they did eat other smaller dinosaurs as well.

The Suchomimus was about the same size as the T-Rex and had a ridge of skin on it’s back like a Spinosaurus, only much smaller.   It was ab out 11 metres long and 3.5 metres tall and weighed a whooping 2,700kg.

Some Suchomimus fossils have been found in the Tenere region of the Sahara Desert in Niger, Africa.