What is the Seren Foundation?

The Seren Foundation is an aspirational programme for learner’s between years 8 and 11 at state schools across Wales that supports the development of valuable skills and academic ability at GCSE level.

The word ‘Seren’ is a Welsh word, which means ‘Star’ in English.

The aim is to provide support and guidance to enable you to make informed decisions about GCSE and a level subject choices with a long-term view of helping you maintain your higher education and career ambitions.

The Seren program provides inspiration and advice about university options and degree courses, the links to careers across a wide range of sectors, and the potential pathways open to you.

While the possibility of going to university might seem a long way off, particularly for learner’s in years 8 or 9, it’s never too early to think about a dream career or the educational path needed to get there.

Seren will help you develop valuable skills required at GCSE and a level such as analytical and critical thinking, reasoning, problem solving, and revision techniques.

Resources and workshops have also been created to enhance your communication skills such as essay writing, and how to craft, present, and debate your ideas. All of which relate to the skills required at university and in your future career.

At the heart of the programme is the commitment to expand your knowledge, encourage you to explore and pursue your academic interests, help build your confidence and self-belief, and motivate you to aim high in your GCSE exams and strive to reach your long-term goals.