Who were the first team to do the south Wales derby double?

Swansea City became the first team to do the south Wales derby double during the 2021-2022 season.

The south Wales derby is a football fixture between fierce rivals Cardiff City and Swansea City, with just 41 miles separating the two cities in south Wales.

The club’s first met in a league fixture during the 1929-1930 season, when Swansea were then known as Swansea Town.

Swansea’s 4-0 win at Cardiff on 2 April 2022, having already won 3-0 in the return fixture at the Swansea dot com stadium on 17 October 2021, ensured that Swansea became the first club to achieve a league double in the 110 years of the fixture.

It is a little know fact, that Swansea City were also the first Welsh team ever to play in the Premier League.