What is the tallest church bell tower in Holland?

The Dom Tower in Utrecht is the highest and oldest church tower in Holland.

It was built between 1321 and 1342, it took so long to build due to a lack of money.

Dom Tower reaches a height of 112 meters and inside the Tower are fourteen bells that weigh between 880 and 18,000 pounds.

Utrecht - Dom Toren
Image Source: holland.com

Halfway up the Dom Tower there are fourteen bells. Six were founded by Geert van Wou in 1505 and can still be heard today.

Some of the larger bells are named after saints and religious figures.

The Dom Tower was originally designed as a steeple which was attached to St Martin’s cathedral.

After what is believed to be a tornado in 1674 ripped through the city of Utrecht, the nave of the church was knocked down and remained that way for some time as the people of Utrecht did not have the money to rebuild the cathedral.

The Dom Tower was largely unharmed by the storm still remains free standing today and a beautiful paved area between the cathedral and tower exists which is known as Dom Square.

The Dom Tower is open to the public and if you are willing to climb the 465 spiral stairway to the roof, you will be provided with excellent views of Utrecht and it’s surrounding area, on a clear day you can see Amsterdam.

In the Netherlands, the tower is called the “Dom Toren”.