Who invented Play-Doh?

What child doesn’t like Play-Doh? But do you know who invented it?

It was invented by two brothers Joseph and Noah McVicker¬†of Ohio.¬† Their company, Kutol Chemicals, produced a wallpaper cleaner called Cincy, but it didn’t sell, until one day, their sister, who was a nursery school teacher, gave them an idea.

Her pupils didn’t like the usual modelling clay, as it was hard to shape and mould. So, she let the children use Cincy wallpaper cleaner and it worked brilliantly.

Unfortunately, Cincy had a drawback, it stank! So the brothers added almond perfume to the off-white goop, giving it it’s distinctive scent, and took their invention to an educational convention, where a department store bought some for their toy store. It became a huge seller and success.

If all the Play-Doh made since 1955 were extruded through the Fun Factory, it would make a ‘snake’ that could wrap around the world almost 300 times.